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AET Under Floor Air Conditioning System 01 Februari 2019

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AET Under Floor Air Conditioning System has appointed PT Prima Solusi Jayantara as their local partner in Indonesia for promoting and selling AET Products in Indonesia teritory.

It is a breakthrough in Commercial Air Conditioning system and many benefits for the building owners and architects perspective. So lets explore!!

AET Under Floor Air Conditioning System benefits :

1. Construction cost saving. 10-18% reduction on overall building height

2. Individual comfort. Mircrolima and personalized control. Low noise. effective air distribution. High indoor air quality.

3. Energy saving. Low pressure operation (direct energy saving). Zoned thermal management (increase efficiency). Main components based on latest technology.

4.Time saving. Faster construction time by at least 25% thanks to : standarization of building criteria, ease of installation at floor level rather than at ceiling level, shorter project completion time, pre-engineered solution.

5. Reconfiguration cost saving. Faster and easier compared with traditional system (VRV, VAV, Fan coil,...), saved more than USD 150/sqm per year

So don't waste time, lets start shifting to AET Under Floor Air conditioning system now!!